TCSD at WMPSSDL Championships

Quite a few Capitol Sea Devils had a great meet swimming for their high schools. Holton-Arms and Gonzaga were crowned champions for the girls and boys respectively. TCSD was represented by both:

Holton-Arms: Malena Lair-Ferrari (Asst. Coach), Shifra Eskin, Valerie Mello, and Sophie Duncan

Gonzaga: Andrew O’Brien

Congratulations to all those who made finals and scored points at the meet:

Sophie Duncan (Holton-Arms): 2nd in 200IM (new team record 2:02.68!) and 2nd in 100BK (another team record 56.85)

Valerie Mello (Holton-Arms): 3rd in 50FR and 3rd in 100FR

Andrew O’Brien (Gonzaga): 5th in 100BK and 9th in 200IM

Nolan Musselwhite St. Albans): 8th in 100FR and 14th in 50FR

Adam Fischer (St. Stephen’s/St. Agnes): 10th in 100FR, 11th in 50FR

Liam Chalk: (St. Albans): 10th in 50FR and 13th in 100FL

Kate Vidano (Georgetown Day School): 11th in 500FR and 15th in 200FR

Shifra Eskin (Holton-Arms): 16th in 100BR

Maya Fawaz (Georgetown Day School): 16th in 200IM